Project Brief

As the history of music moves along, sometimes it becomes difficult to know if ideas are original or just manipulated imitations due to the saturation of music we have created. This application will be able to give credit to the real writer or producer of a piece and open up a whole new world of music to each forthcoming generation.


I looked into both Shazaam and WhoSampled? as my main research, then expanded on that by looking into Spotify and Apple Music to compare and analyze what attributes worked and what did not from each respective application.

The primary target audience for this application was highly thought out and understood that the age range that would make use of this application the most was between 18-45 years of age. This range has been tested and shown more interest in information regarding the sample used in a certain song.


This logo mark was created with the notion of current and contemporary trends in web application design. The thickness of the logo suggests the deep and full history of music within this application, while the unification of certain letters hits at that this application was created to do. Unite music lovers to music created before their time.


One of the key features of the application is the ability for users to get song information provided by Roots listening/analyzing system. The application would then bring forward all information on a song, especially any and all samples used in the creation of the song.

Users will also be provided with a snippet of the track and be given the option to link out to a third-party application that provides the full song.

Heating Up

The secondary key feature of the application is to bring forth current trends in search history within the application.

This will give insight to the user on what newly released music other users are searching for and discovering if they have any roots.